republic of Texas

Republic of Texax

In order that all may know what the republic of Texas is, and it's basic principles and ideals, this Proclamation is set forth by the elected officers of this nation, Texas.


In brief, to establish peace and justice, Texas is a constitutional republic, not a democracy nor a theocracy nor an oligarchy.


As a constitutional republic, all power (political, economic, military, etc.) is held by the people of this republic, who live on the land of Texas and are called Texians. The people can delegate limited authority to officers they elect, but the people can also remove an officer by election or a recall vote (see Declaration of Rights).


The lawful constitution of the republic of Texas was adopted in the year of our Lord 1836. It was amended in 2007 by nationwide vote of Texians, to update it regarding equality and freedom for all and similar modern issues.


The constitution of the republic of Texas limits all officers and employees of the government, rather than limiting the Texian people who are the sovereigns. For instance, our constitution requires all elected officers to take an oath to fulfill the duties of their office, which ends with "so help me, Almighty God." It is the will of the Texan people that all elected officers acknowledge and rely on God the Creator, in order to govern honestly and effectively. Our constitution does not require the Texian people to swear allegiance to God or to any religion, even though they may enjoy more peace and contentment by so doing. The government is forbidden to regulate or make any law concerning religion.


The ideals of the government of the republic of Texas include:


Peace with all nations and peoples - entangling alliances with none.


Vigorous defense of our nation and its boundaries, its people, and our constitution and laws, against all enemies, external and internal. This necessitates immediate repudiation and eviction of socialism, communism, "progressives" as socialists have tended to call themselves, "democracy" advocates and any kind of totalitarian* government, dictatorship, or other system contrary to a constitutional republic. Democracies throughout history have collapsed due to people voting to enrich themselves by taking from those who were more productive.


Texians have a right to free speech, but organized efforts to change or undermine our "constitutional republic" form of government shall be considered treason and stopped.


Consequently, regulation of manufacture, trade or any other business, by government, is prohibited. Free enterprise is necessary for a free people. Companies or professional associations in the same industry are free to self-regulate as a group for increased customer approval, safety, etcetera. The government of the republic of Texas can charter companies and enterprises to do business in and with the republic, but shall not regulate commerce. Commercial entities are accountable to the people, who can vote with their purchasing choices and get justice through our constitutional common law courts.


To prevent economic takeover by an enemy, the government of the republic of Texas is debt-free and shall remain so. If the Texan people want some construction or services provided by their government, the people must fund it on a pay-as-you-go basis.


The government can obtain revenue for its operations by collecting a small duty on imports and exports, and a small margin on money coined. said duties and margins must be approved by the full congress, accountable to the people.


The money of the republic of Texas must, by constitutional mandate, be made of a precious metal with its own intrinsic value. Thus, paper currency circulating as a substitute for said precious metal money is not allowed in this nation.


Charity is a noble concept, but it must be voluntary and private, not implemented or regulated by government. The risks of "buying votes with public money are far too great


Jobs are created by employers who can grow their business. When employers can keep the earnings of their business, instead of losing it to taxation and regulation, then employers can afford to hire more people and will do so.


The government is forbidden to interfere in private contracts. Disputes and claims of contract violations must be handled in local county courts, before a jury of local peers who are acquainted with the disputing individuals. Verdicts can be appealed to the appropriate district court of our republic.


The government is forbidden to tax or confiscate the wages, earnings, gains, property or possessions of the people. Property rights, both material and intellectual, are fundamental to real progress and prosperity in a nation, as history has amply demonstrated.


All education is the business of the people, not the government. Consequently, governments are prohibited from regulating any educational venture or establishing any government organization to control education in any way. Open competition among education providers is absolutely needed so families can choose what they want and need, or educate their own children. The congress of the Texas Republic is authorized to promote education as a whole, but not to favor one method or provider over any other.


There is no need for the republic of Texas to secede from the United States. We never "ceded" the land of Texas to them or to anyone else. A fraudulent color-of-law annexation agreement was foisted on elected officials in Texas, but no lawful treaty was ever ratified to allow the United States to take over our nation, which had already been established forever by international treaties. Those elected officials in Texas were never authorized to give up the sovereignty of the republic of Texas.


*totalitarianism: Definition, Synonyms from


"A totalitarian government seeks to control not only all economic and political matters, but the attitudes, values, and beliefs of its population.