AMERICAN States Patriots

God save the Republic of the United States

AMERICAN States Patriots

American Patriot Mission,

American States Patriots mission is to restore and reestablish our lawful government and our inheritance in accordance with the original Republic that our Founding Fathers fought and died for, and as documented in the Declaration of Independence and the original Constitution of the United States.

Our Values and Our Pledge,

To protect and serve Lawful Americans

To protect our Republic from enemies foreign and domestic

To enforce the Bill of Rights protections of our unalienable rights

The Law of “Do No Harm” shall be protected and enforced

About us,

We The People, American States Patriots, are dedicated to support each other as lawful Americans, to protect us from Tyranny, and to reclaim our God given unalienable rights of Life, Liberty, Property, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

We are not anti-government; we are anti corrupt government.  

We stand together with all freedom loving Americans to support and protect each other against all enemies foreign and domestic.   Although we are an American grass roots association, we are in full support of all freedom seeking people in the world.  Our brothers and sisters throughout the world are welcome to join, and we will strive to support you.

Just like the movie, “The Matrix”, you have a choice; you can take the blue pill and stay in wonderland, or you can take the red pill and find out the truth that has been withheld from you all your life.

Some of us have felt it all our lives that something is not right.  Deep inside we instinctively have known that something is not right with the world.   Some of us woke up early in our lives. Some of us woke up on 911 and many are still waking up today, asking questions, trying to make sense of the events we are witnessing, trying to understand why.  Some people cannot or will not understand; they have been programmed so deep that the truth will be rejected.

We are in a time where we have truth mislabeled as misinformation and we need to be resourceful to navigate these times.  After researching, we ask more questions and then we become labeled, “conspiracy theorist”, “nut job”, radical, terrorist, or worse.  So, we hide our feelings and try to blend in.  We can no longer blend in. 

Welcome to the free zone.  Welcome to American States Patriots.  We will provide you the educational tools to extract you from the matrix one step at a time.  This process is not for everyone.  You can stay as a guest and take advantage of our many products and services, or you can take the red pill and join our Private Membership Association and follow the path to liberation and freedom.

We are all about peace and freedom, restoration of our God given unalienable rights, respect for all living things and our planet.   God’s Law, Natural Law, also known as Common Law, is our rule of law.  It is simple and fair, Do No Harm.   Take responsibility for yourself and all your actions.  Love your neighbor as you love yourself.   Protect our planet.

The threshold has been pushed in our face.  Our food, air and water is poisoned, chemicals and plastics in our clothing and now mandatory vaccinations, masks, testing, government ID, credit score rating, licensing to work your trade, taxation just to live, and many more intrusions into our peaceful existence. 

Do your own research and you will find that there are a few very powerful families that have ruled over mankind since the beginning.   These families, we will refer to them as the globalist, control almost everything we are exposed to.   Modern times with computers have facilitated the process of controlling the populace.  Everything is registered, documented, and tracked.

The Globalist control all large financial institutions and two notable ones that stand out of these large institutions; Vanguard and Blackrock are major owners of 98% of the media, technology companies, the military industrial complex, Hollywood, banking, pharmaceutical companies, the sports complex, energy, and food production and yes, our so-called governments throughout the world, which are all private corporations.  It’s no wonder that the news you get every day is spoon-fed propaganda.  Public and higher education schooling is programming and indoctrination.   Many times, the truth is displayed right in front of your face as a test to see if the programming has worked. 

People are intentionally divided to keep up fighting amongst ourselves.  We are divided by race, religion, finance, nationality, color, medical and any other way the corporate handler’s desire.  As Americans we are programmed to believe that we are free and have a choice.  Little did we know that the choices we are presented with all lead back to the same master.

We are living in extraordinary times.   We are witnessing a spiritual war between good and evil.  It is a privilege to be alive at this time and witness what is taking place.   We can not and should not sit on the sideline and let evil have its’ way.   We must all expose evil when we see it and reject it.  

We intend to build a parallel economy.  We will not be dependent on private or secret corporations for anything.  We will strive to provide products that are safe for you and our environment; new technologies to provide clean inexpensive energy; clean waste management, access to advanced medical care and employment opportunities.   Our partners and affiliates offer specialized resources to share with everyone.  We will strive to provide truthful information and to support uncensored history and education.  We will strive to protect each other!

We intend to provide a process that will set you on a path to freedom, as we populate the pages on this website our Products and Services will grow as we all work together to benefit and help each other.  The first step will be to become a State National, a free American.  That process will be explained under the Products and Services tab on this website. 

Questions and answers will be available 24/7 in our private forum.  Access is available to all members.

American Patriot TV, our media service, will provide a full venue of entertainment and access to unbiased, uncensored news, as well as all the other traditional news and entertainment channels.

It is my hope and prayer that I, and we, can make a difference, by uniting and assisting all that are seeking truth, justice, and freedom.  

God Bless you, God Bless America, and God Bless all People of the world.  


Chairman of American States Patriots and American States Nationals,

By: Jon DeYoung, sui juris

Without Prejudice. Without Recourse.

All Rights Guaranteed and Retained.

Secured Party Creditor-Holder in due course