Born Free Ministries

Born Free Ministries

Amazing educational opportunity for your loved ones! 

A brand new venture - an enrichment center out of the public domain and into the private domain - for your children and grandchildren.  We decided that there needed to be a better way in NY for children to be educated and who better to dream that up than mamas who are DONE co-parenting with the government?! :)


Introducing..... BORN FREE MINISTRIES - A Private Membership Association


This program will be a "members only" place, which is protected constitutionally.  It will fall under the umbrella of a PMA (Private Membership Association) which means we are not required to follow state laws regarding education nor will we ever.  We are not confined and restricted to what the state says we can/cannot do.  We are NOT a home-school co-op, a private school, a charter school, or a public school.  All of those organizations still operate in the public and are subject to the statutes of the law.  We do not have to ask permission -- we simply exist because our right to comes from God, not government. 


We encourage you to read more about a PMA's and how they function.  They date back to the 1800s and are completely legal and legitimate.  


That being said, in order to receive services, you will need to become a member of Born Free Ministries.  You do that simply by agreeing to our membership agreement, review our mission statement and enroll at least one child.  Your tuition is your membership fee.  By paying either monthly or annually, you agree to our membership terms and conditions and understand that we will keep your children safe, out of the jurisdiction of the state and will always honor your God-given freedoms.  


We will start each day in the church sanctuary together where we will pray briefly as a group, recite the Pledge of Allegiance and get the kids excited about their day.  We will then walk them to their classrooms upstairs where they will be under the exceptional care of our mentors. You are welcome to stay if your child is more comfortable as they get adjusted, but we ask that you do NOT impede or impose on the learning environment.  We want this to be a safe, respectful place for all. 


Our mentors will go through an interview process and be properly vetted as to ensure the integrity of our program and protect it so that we may be successful.  


Parents are expected to become members with the complete understanding that this program is 100% outside of the state jurisdiction and you have decided to take back your children's education and no longer rely on the state.  Depending on how many days you decide to enroll your children, you may have to supplement some work at home.  For example, if you enroll in the 2-day program, please plan to work with your child at home on core subjects.  There is no feasible way a child can learn everything in just a few hours a week.  You are agreeing to become responsible for your child's education and have decided that Born Free Ministries can assist you in that.  If you decide on a 3 or 5 day membership, you may have to do very little to no formal work at home with your children.  By being part of a PMA, you get to decide when your child is "done" learning and when they need more time.  The state laws and rules for home-school do not apply to you and your family. :)

  • Our Mission Statement is in the website link below. 
  • Tuition can be found in the website link below.  

Once you have reviewed the documents, if you decide that Born Free Ministries is a good fit for your family, you can secure your child's spot in our program for the next academic year by filling out the online registration form and we will add you to our classroom roster.  The $100 deposit is a per child payment and will be deducted from the total cost of your tuition.  


Please complete the membership agreement and bring it with you to our Open House, look for announcements on our website, so we can make a copy and keep it on file for you.  

Every child who enrolls for the fall program will receive a FREE backpack stuffed with supplies.  He/she will get to pick it out, too!


Here is the link to the website and to register: BORN FREE MINISTRIES


If you have more than 3 children to register, please email us and we can add the additional children for you. 


Our location:

West Seneca, NY


We are thrilled you're considering joining us in this venture and are taking the first steps in breaking free from the matrix of the government and its politics, overreach, indoctrination and tyranny.  We are truly creating a parallel society and with your support, our next generation will have a fighting chance at a good, Godly and unbiased education.


We hope you'll join us and be one of the first in our area to step into the private domain for education.  You will be blessed -- tenfold. 


Yours in Freedom,


Melissa Heinrich & Kristie Maxon

Founders of Born Free Ministries