Who are we?

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide knowledge, understanding and education that produces wisdom in becoming an American State National. The educational information provided for this process helps avoid the pitfalls of inexperience while building knowledge and truth in becoming a State National. Our forefathers, who forged our Country’s founding documents, expounded that “We the People” were given unalienable rights. Also, God gave dominion to mankind in the Book of Genesis. (Ref: Gen 1:26-30) Through years of experience from those who know the process best, we extend our hands in friendship in providing documentation from those who can answer your questions on how to reclaim your original constitutional rights. Be it duly noted: The America's Assembly lives peaceably among ALL men in the pursuit of educating them regarding changing one's standing, status, and jurisdiction. 


Are you sick and tired of the way the government is being run?



We are a group of Thousands of people in the united States for America who have discovered FRAUD imposed on every American and wish to share how to save our country. 

We have a mission and plan of how to take our country back and become We the People again. We ask All Americans to take America's Assembly seriously and join us in this spiritual battle and correct the runaway GOVERNMENT that is controlling us, rather than we who are the Government, being the Government.  


To take our country back, we must first have the knowledge of American History not U.S. History. You most likely already know that much of what we have been told is a lie and that GOVERNMENT has controlled the narrative through media. It is now the time to educate the people of the truth and how we got to this place of GOVERNMENT RULE. Most importantly, we must educate the people on how to fix and correct the direction back to a lawful Government. 


What you may not know, is that this was planned for over one hundred and fifty years. Making all citizens of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA slaves by the way of an unlawful conversion of All Americans. All Americans are born American State Nationals but are converted to citizens after birth by GOVERNMENT.  


Every major business, State, and even you are incorporated; yes, even you are considered a corporation. GOVERNMENT, the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is a corporation and made you a CORPORATION under citizenship when they registered you with your birth certificate. We, America’s Assembly would like to share how to become free from the CORPORATE GOVERNMENT and correct your status, standing and jurisdiction to get back your birth rights.

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A NY Citizen Action Initiative



Preserving the individual’s right to personal medical freedom.

(By “personal medical freedom” we mean the right to choose and/or allow medical treatment or procedures for yourself and your children)



BELIEVE – The medical choices for us and our children are included, by substance, in our rights to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

ORGANIZE – Individuals in:

  • Letter and email writing campaigns
  • Demonstrations
  • Petitions
  • Information campaigns
  • Phone campaigns
  • Events

COORDINATE – Between existing local and regional affiliate groups and providing means to communicate one with another.

MOTIVATE – People to action before we lose Constitutionally protected rights. We are the Paul Revere of medical rights preservation in NY.

INFORM – Concerned parties about issues, pending legislation, etc… currently affecting medical freedom.

EDUCATE – To deepen the understanding of the populace via links to scientific studies, news articles, videos, books, etc…

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republic of Texas

In order that all may know what the republic of Texas is, and it's basic principles and ideals, this Proclamation is set forth by the elected oficers of this nation, Texas.


In brief, to establish peace and justice, Texas is a constitutional republic, not a democracy nor a theocracy nor an oligarchy.

As a constitutional republic, all power (political, economic, military, etc.) is held by the people of this republic, who live on the land of Texas and are called Texians. The people can delegate limited authority to officers they elect, but the people can also remove an officer by election or a recall vote (see Declaration of Rights).


The lawful constitution of the republic of Texas was adopted in the year of our Lord 1836. It was amended in 2007 by nationwide vote of Texians, to update it regarding equality and freedom for all and similar modern issues.

The constitution of the republic of Texas limits all officers and employees of the government, rather than limiting the Texian people who are the sovereigns. For instance, our constitution requires all elected officers to take an oath to fulfill the duties of their office, which ends with "so help me, Almighty God." It is the will of the Texan people that all elected officers acknowledge and rely on God the Creator, in order to govern honestly and effectively. Our constitution does not require the Texian people to swear allegiance to God or to any religion, even though they may enjoy more peace and contentment by so doing. The government is forbidden to regulate or make any law concerning religion.


The ideals of the government of the republic of Texas include:


Peace with all nations and peoples - entangling alliances with none.


Vigorous defense of our nation and its boundaries, its people, and our constitution and laws, against all enemies, external and internal. This necessitates immediate repudiation and eviction of socialism, communism, "progressives" as socialists have tended to call themselves, "democracy" advocates and any kind of totalitarian* government, dictatorship, or other system contrary to a constitutional republic.

Democracies throughout history have collapsed due to people voting to enrich themselves by taking from those who were more productive. Texians have a right to free speech, but organized efforts to change or undermine our "constitutional republic" form of government shall be considered treason and stopped.

Consequently, regulation of manufacture, trade or any other business, by government, is prohibited. Free enterprise is necessary for a free people. Companies or professional associations in the same industry are free to self-regulate as a group for increased customer approval, safety, etcetera. The government of the republic of Texas can charter companies and enterprises to do business in and with the republic, but shall not regulate commerce. Commercial entities are accountable to the people, who can vote with their purchasing choices and get justice through our constitutional common law courts.


To prevent economic takeover by an enemy, the government of the republic of Texas is debt-free and shall remain so. If the Texan people want some construction or services provided by their government, the people must fund it on a pay-as-you-go basis.


There is no need for the republic of Texas to secede from the United States. We never "ceded" the land of Texas to them or to anyone else. A fraudulent color-of-law annexation agreement was foisted on elected officials in Texas, but no lawful treaty was ever ratified to allow the United States to take over our nation, which had already been established forever by international treaties. Those elected officials in Texas were never authorized to give up the sovereignty of the republic of Texas.


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Welcome to the Home of Election Research and Accountability for NYS

We are citizen volunteers uncovering the TRUTH of our rigged elections.

Uncovering the Truth of the 2020 Election in New York.  Watch these videos,

We need all hands on deck to shine a bright light on the dark halls of corruption and power in The Empire State. We must do this for the protection of our children, elders, free enterprise, freedom of conscience, health, education, and our LIFE, LIBERTY, and PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS.

Did you know we have 10,299 "Lincoln voters" in NYS? All born on January 1st, 1850, all on the voter rolls. Some were even well enough to vote again in that's NY strong!!

Did you know that 12,673 New Yorkers managed to cast their 2021 ballots BEFORE early voting started? They sure “got the worm.”

We have so much to investigate;  we could use YOUR HELP on the team.

NY Citizens Audit team was started in July of 2021. We believe our election process should follow the law and the US Constitution. We share the work of gathering the evidence to call for DECERTIFICATION and a FULL FORENSIC AUDIT of the 2020 General Election in NYS. In this way we are part of a nationwide return to self-governance, liberty, and the rule of law.  
We are an all-volunteer team reflecting the diversity of brilliant, passionate, hard-working, patriotic New Yorkers. We are:
Data Experts,  IT Gurus,  Poll Workers,  Moms & Dads, Grandmas & Grandpas,  Business Owners,  
Barbers,  Farmers,  Homeschoolers,  Candidates,  LEOs,  Fire Fighters,  Coaches,  Teachers,  Nurses and Doctors,  Artists,  Gardeners,  and one dedicated Goat Milker.

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